Cannabis facilities and grow room floors are highly-demanding environments that require unique flooring systems for adequate protection. In grow rooms, flower rooms or greenhouses, frequent watering, wash-downs, and humidity are a part of daily operations. The warm temperatures, humidity and moisture degrades concrete floors quickly and exposes aggregate and cracks to pooling water. mould, and bacteria. Moisture presence also creates slip hazards in high-traffic environments. 

With the legalization in cannabis cultivation, there is huge demand for flooring solutions that meet these facilities’ needs. The FDA has strict requirements for commercial growing facility licensing that cannabis facilities must be free of microbes and chemicals, with many of the requirements mirroring those of food processing facilities. Areas of exposed aggregate are the most-highly scrutinized areas for inspection as these areas can easily foster bacteria, and cracks can further exacerbate this issue into deeper levels of the concrete, all the way down to the substrate. As a result, durable, hygienic and waterproof floors are a must. 

Pooling water is one of the top three issues for cannabis facilities and slopes and drains are necessary in a facility such as this to keep the environment safe, dry, and clean. Installing industrial-grade slopes and drains requires a professional and experienced flooring installer. AFI can create sloping gradients and trenches in your flooring system to direct drainage, as well as wall coverings to reduce bacteria. For retail spaces, we have installed countless durable yet decorative floors of all types: polished concrete, epoxy, and more. 

Resinous epoxy floors create a reflective surface that reflects light back upwards to hit the underside of the plant. This conserves energy and boost light effectiveness, helping to yield heartier, larger crops, lower overhead, and boost your bottom line. Applied offers quick installation of moisture-resistant, anti-microbial, and seamless flooring solutions that are easy to clean and produce zero VOCs upon installation, meeting EPA and other similar regulations. 

Spaces requiring unique flooring solutions include: Greenhouses, Cafeterias, Restrooms and Locker Rooms, Mechanical Rooms, Offices, Reception Areas, Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Laboratories, Grow Rooms, Flower Rooms, Vegetation Rooms, Dry Rooms, Trim and Packaging Areas, Shipping and Receiving Docks, Product Vaults, Cannabis Retail Stores.


Cannabis flooring cLIENTS WE'VE SERVED

For confidentiality reasons, some of our clients prefer to remain unnamed. Please contact us for more details on how we can uniquely service your Cannabis business and provide a safer and more productive workspace. 

epoxy floors with signage "keep areea clear" design embedded beneath the epoxy floor sealant