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As with every coating solution, the most integral piece of every application is surface preparation by way of concrete resurfacing. This includes the detailed removal of damaged and/or deteriorated parts of the substrate concrete and any previously applied coatings, ensuring a fortified bond to the clean substrate, and the success and extended lifespan of every flooring solution thereafter. 

We use preparation processes such as chipping, hand diamond grinding and scarification with dust control to remove residual mastics, adhesives, coatings, and other contaminants, etc. Applied also uses concrete grinding processes to remove waves, high spots, trip hazards, lippage, rain damage, etc. For asbestos and mastic removals, Applied works with certified asbestos abatement contractors to ensure clean and non-toxic removal from your environment.

This service is ideal for commercial and industrial situations where stripping of the existing floor coverings and the removal of the residual adhesives, coatings, etc is required.

The problem
Our Solution

We love a good challenge, and that includes using Chipping, Hand Diamond Grinding and Scarification to remove old coatings, existing flooring, mastic. Diamond Grinding machines are also used to level and grind undulated and damaged concrete surfaces

We house a large fleet of state-of-the-art dry Diamond Grinding equipment. Our ability to grind concrete and prepare surfaces with very low dust emissions is a function of our high-tech dust-collection systems, complete with hepa-filtration. Our team will remove any existing floor coating including VCT, vinyl, ceramic tile, and quickly have you ready for a new flooring application or polish.  


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