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In the most extreme and high-wear environments, a high performance troweled overlay offers vastly improved wear capabilities. These are typically 1/4″ thick troweled floor systems for heavy duty or extreme environments.

This solution is created with a blend of high-performance polymer resin with custom blended aggregates. Because it’s applied via trowel, the process requires highly qualified installation, but provides high wear and capability on extreme surfaces, where other flooring systems may not be able to handle the traffic, impact or consistent chemical attacks. In areas where the concrete surface has been badly damaged, overlays can provide a new surface that is often much stronger than the original concrete surface.

The process usually involves some in depth needs analysis. The result is a unique design and engineered solution tailored to your specific industrial or commercial needs. Perfect for food and beverage industries requiring sanitary conditions with high-traffic tread and routine chemical wash-downs. 

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The team at Applied Flooring is proud to hold some of the highest qualifications and skills at this level of industry coatings. 

The process usually involves some in-depth needs analysis. Our unique expertise in this custom flooring field means we can provide you with a unique design, and engineered-solution, tailored to your specific industrial or commercial needs. Applied is proud to offer recycled glass options in this flooring solution, to contribute to LEED-certified or environmental friendly solutions. is

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